Little Hands Daycare  - Inspires a Sense of Excellence to Become Great Achievers
I would like to share with you about the joys and hopes that young children bring to us  parents-grandparents
After many years of working with children and observing their behavior, I believe that the family unit and the support of unity brings the desired goals we want to achieve.  We can see the most important part-that is "us" in the child, since we were all children at one time, we can relate and be grateful for the experiences "still matter".  We recognize ambivalence and we need to understand rather than to judge.  The avenue for learning is a source which leads to lifelong development.. It embraces affirmation and innovation... Having a positive attitude that encourages the learning avenue of intellectual abilities and senses will help the child to grow and to learn and will contribute a positive self- image. I believe we need to bring the power of Commitment to our environment.. This attitude showes demonstration and not explanation  and encourages the focus of concentration that are the flows of learning.. My oldest Son has his masters and teaching credential this year as my daughter is obtaining  her mastersprogran this year too.. My youngest son is continuing his college education and has two daughters who adore him.
My Children inspire me .and I admire each of them  for their incredible sense of leadership abilities and for who they truly are. I am encouraged to see how they use the powerful techniques of affirmation, commitment, and acceptance to teach positive ideas and concepts.   I feel honored to watch them  as they inspire and guide with  kindness a teachable spirit in my grand daughters and also in others too.  I love my children more than words can say..They have inspired me and bring joy to my life and they are truly the gift of life from God to me. And now, God has blessed me again  with my grandchildren in an abundance of  joy.,  and an abundance of grace..
As I am a grandmother too, I would like to add that I strongly believe that family support and total acceptance  with unconditional love of the child is the key to the child's future for success  (Our belief in God and the love and acceptance he brings to our hearts is our example); As our children and grandchildren are truly gifts from God how can we not love and accept and be thankful..  I am thankful and adore my family even more .abundancely...each day as each year passess.
And We begin by recognizing the reponses of our infants, thier crying patterns, their needs and we meet them..  We learn the distinct cry the baby makes when she is hungry and when she is lonely..  We prepare our environment so the young infant can learn, explore, and we learn to be "in tune" with the baby's needs.  We need to know how the baby feels, how the baby thinks and what the baby needs to meet their need of hunger, thirst , and the need for being loved and held..
When the infant is a toddler we are also there to teach words, manners and values.  As the toddler grows, we are there to teach social and academic skills and we continue teaching our values and principals.
As the young child grows to become a teenager, we are there as parents to provide support, guidance, and acceptance.   
 We stay strong and hold to our belief in God, our belief in right and wrong, our belief in the goodness (breath of fresh air/great achievers in success and innovator thinkers) of our child and it will keep our child in the success of health, success of life and success of the goodness of God.  My strong belief is that we want goodness for our children and we achieve that goodness through God.
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