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  Our  Children 
  We can  feel the very fabric of our souls  being infringed upon through the  environment, through the media, and even through some music as it exposes to our children, and we know  that they  can absorb what they see and  they can copy to their little soul if they do not have a strong belief  within themselves of their value to themselves, to their family and to God and to know what is a value and the value of life.  
 What we see through the media (news,tv) can it densensitize us in compassion, in empathy? Can what we see in others have an affect in how we feel and act? and we  want not to wavier from our belief of God's goodness in us and allow not the influences  of hate, allow not  vengeance, allow not greed, and allow not any kind of violence  to be in  our hearts or in our minds.
 And then we can instill the gentleness, the kindness and  the goodness of God in our children as they grow, as they learn and become pillars of our community and leaders of  their families and friends .
 All children have  a need for love , a  need for security,  a need for acceptance  and a need for words of encouragement.  I believe by  creating  a powerful  identity of belonging: ( by having strong family ties that will help instill our center) (core)  and  we won't detour from our beliefs and values.  We  must provide an environment  that is nurturing and positive to the child's development.   I believe we  build self- esteem by instilling a positive, loving/nurturing, and accepting  learning  environment, which will  embrace confidence that is needed within themselves. 
A malleable mindset is an influence by family, by friends, and by our religious upbringings.  Children will  be shaped, and formed and influenced as we think. Therefore, we  influence our children  by building values and  character and  by how they see us live. We want to teach that we can achieve the success that we want to achieve. I  believe by being positive and  by  genuine  praise given,  and with  our family's support,  we  impact a sense of strength and a sense of security  that reaches to the very core of  our children and their center will be unshakable. .Unshakable in the sense of being strong in character and standing for what they believe in, ie; values, character, honesty, and intergerty. Unstoppable in reaching their goals. Family and true friend support  can  help derail some bad decisions that could lead to long time regrets.  Also,  genuine positive support  helps  build the  good strong strength of character that will  be  intact and channels the direction of great success with  perseverance and  sometimes grit attitude/behavior and will bring about the social intelligence and  self control that is needed and is required too.
Little Hands Daycare pedagogy' program is described as childcentered and teacher active through frequent conversations intertheroy preparing children's cognitive and language skills to learn, to solve problems, to share and to cooperate.
  We endeavor to promote an environment that is  welcoming to reason,  to exploration,  to questioning, and to imaginary play. Young children play pretend and use their imaginations as they play.  It is a way they learn to  cope and a way  how  they learn the will of themselves(what they want and what they want to be).
We provide a safe and nurturing  environment that ensures the child  to learn, to achieve, and succeed with tasks and character.  We offer  sessions of art and  music time, and  story time. These sessions help to develop  early language.  Our children can develop a sense of understanding that communication  is not only  through spoken words, but it  is also  through our actions and by  our behavior too. One way we incorporate language is by  listening to  and by  talking to our children.    Children can absorb  and embrace their environment, so it is very important to create an atmosphere where the environment is  accepting,  is welcoming and is nurturing.  At Little Hands Daycare we help encourage  a positive reflection each day.     We encourage each child  to be a friend , to take  turns,  to be kind,  to use their kind words, and to be respectful of themselves and to  others. 
A method used to help our children learn and retain better (older children) is to help them organize their ideas by exchanging ideas, by internalizing concepts and to focus on readiness  skills.   By anchoring their foundation( in reading, writing, and math) and engaging  them to ask questions, to reiterate what they know about the subject. Then we can teach them that they  should  also expect to learn more. 
  Guiding Principles:
 A daily routine  is a sense of security.  Predictability and consistency is the  learning tool for the young child.  Confidence and interests are built by age appropriate toys and activities through blocks and books and  legos, for dexterity and spatial learning to sensory stations for textures,  and table activities as arts and crafts,i.e.., painting, coloring, play dough,puzzles. Simple coloring for the young child helps with self expression, helps with knowing their colors and to recognizing them, helps with building motor skills  too,  Children engage in participating in conversations with each other by listening and paying attention to each other and sometimes reiterating what they think they hear.
Our idea of communication is to speak the truth, control angry words, speak words of encouragement and( kind words can bring healing).  We want to  avoid unkind or bitter speech and speak words of forgiveness and acceptance.
About Discipline: I prefer to call it guidance. We guide with positive words  and redirection. 

Mission Statement: 
 To provide a safe  environment that ensures your child to grow, to learn, to  achieve and to succeed.
To promote all aspects of development such as social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development by offering a variety of activities.  

Open communication:  Parent and Provider - is  a strong team towards helping your child to learn and  to grow


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