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 Little Hands Daycare Handbook


 Little Hands Daycare Handbook
Naps:Please bring any favorite nap blanket and/or toy for child at nap time. 
Illness: If your child exhibits symptoms of infectious or contagious illness, please be courteous towards others and wait 24 hours
before bringing them to daycare.
Payment:Payment is due on the first day of the week of the child’s attendance.
We have a fire extinguisher located on the wall next to the hutch.  If a fire should occur, the fire department will be called and  parents to pick up their child.
Power Outage:  Flashlights are located in the pantry and and at the fire extinguisher site.
Medical Emergency:  If  the child is seriously injured, 911 will be called and parent.
Fire Drills about every six months-  walking-not running to outside, we will walk to the POW Park/School ground and call parents to pick up their child- in the event of fire/emergency 
1. Language & Literacy:   Increase  vocabulary by,  encouraging   listening and hearing.  To gain information to  questions to develop answers to critical thinking and questions from short stories, poems, sight words, flash cards and good reading books. And overall listening skills sharpens our character. Some interesting books children like are “The Cat In The Hat”, “Clifford”, “Clever Tortoise,” “The “Gingerbread Man,” “Red Hen,” “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”, “Giraffes Can’t Dance”,  Nursery Rhymes and most children’s books are a favorite.
2. Encouragement of independence ( to  help encourage and verbalize the child’s wants and needs  and encourage the “I” statements).   Children interact and develop at different rates.  The key to helping children develop successfully is to understand their individual needs and how to interact  with them as much as possible. Talk to your children daily and listen to them too.
3. Music - children's music  and classical music, as sing-a-longs, movement, twirling with colorful scarves. Children  love to sway their bodies and hands while waving their scarves and listening to music. I believe music strengthens the Childs thinking and reasoning abilities. Children love to sign!
 Sometimes soft classical music is played softly in background,  while children are engaging in some table activities such as coloring, reading time,  and learning alphabet and while engaging in outside play. 
4. Numbers  repeating, a side from recognizing , are learning  counting, shapes, colors, sequencing, patterning, and number identification 
5. Art- coloring, painting(non toxic paints) can also include finger painting and/or using paint brushes.

 Our goal at Little Hands Daycare is to provide a safe place for children to play, to be active hands, smarter hands in growing  and in learning that will ensure age development and encourage creative and imaginative play.While playing, the child builds the skills of gross motor skill(movement of legs and arms) and fine motor skills(movement of hands, fingers, mouth and tongue). Cognitive skills like creative thinking, reasoning, problem solving and listening are also developed in play.
It is important that we  build good memories and we do that by establishing self-confidence (listening to the child) and we try to  inspire a positive attitude each day.  We believe in open communication that encompasses trust, acceptance and reassurance that embraces positive choices and healthy social skills and reduces aggression, defiance, antisocial behavior and helps kindergarten readiness.
 By nurturing, by guiding and by encouraging the child is leadership building.  And we can do that with a pattern of action , a plan of hope, consistency in our daily routine , consistency within ourselves, our thinking and consistency with our word and support.  To be available to the child and to listen to the child. To know is the intention and outcome,  of teaching and instilling all aspects of development in social, and  emotional, and physical and cognitive development and by offering a variety of activities as art, music, dramatic play, story-time,(builds neural connections that enable the child to learn vocabulary and begin the process of conversation), outside play, (building fine and gross motor skills), role playing,(building confidence and assurance in themselves), and (brainstorming)asking the children for ideas) we build a favorable environment  and provide the opportunity to meet with flexibility the needs of the child and thus, promotes the growing and the learning we each as parents/providers expectant and want for the child.

 To minimize conflict is to prevent bad behavior and by that we redirect children into other activities.  Each session is followed by an equal or greater period of active hands play time.  Active hands play time is any activity that encourages  creativity, teamworks, or dexterity: activities such as play-dough, puzzles, legos, etc., also, outside play.

 No hitting, biting, pinching, or pushing one another
 Be a friend/Use Kind Words/Quiet words/
Be Kind/Share,/ Walk indoors and run outside

Days Closed:

New Year’s Eve (closed at 1:00 pm)
 New Year’s Day,  January 1
Independence Day, July 4th
Labor Day, 
Thanksgiving Day,  
Day of Christmas (All day) and  Christmas Eve (close at 1:00 pm) 


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