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 My Reading Program Method :Little Hands Daycare   

 to establish confidence and to inspire the love to read. 
To engage, embrace, and inspire each child’s ability to be the best he can.
 Language Development is the foundation for early learning.  Children acquire and gleam vocabulary that informs them about the world they live in and they use language to construct relationships and: to figure things out, and to solve problems.  They also use language to express themselves, and present who they are, and participate in socially their world . While talking to your child,and reading to your child, reiterate your  good memories, and  positive conversations each day to help him to  build his vocabulary and introduce new words  every day too.While in your conversation with your child, all these things together helps him to grow and learn.
Setting goals and a quiet time for the child to practice his reading skills every day will help improve his reading ability by giving the child a sense of accomplishment and achievement  and readying him into the exciting reading world of knowledge.

Phonics;  Learning the sounds of the letters, by building  and identifying the sounds. The key to the sounds is hearing the sounds of each letter.And there are great songs out there that specifically say the sounds through song, one is Barbara Milan,and A.J.Jenkins are excllencet choices.    Verbal expression would include not only the sounds of the letters, but also would include the tone of our voice as we say the sounds of the letters.  Strategies: Reading with children promotes successful readers. Reading a loud every day to your child. Have books easily accessible to your child. Read their favorite book over and over to them.  Read rhyming words and lines that repeat.  as poems and songs .  Point to words when reading so child will understand that we read from left to right. Stop and ask about the pictures and about what is happening in the story. Scientific research shows that there are five essential components of reading that children must be taught in order to learn to read.  Communication: goals, objectives ,listening, writing, practice.

  1. phonemic awareness   is —recognizing the  individual sounds of each letter and this will help to learn to read and spell.                                      
  2. phonics hearing and recognizing the each alphabet letter  is                                   
  3. reading fluency
  4. vocabulary development—we asses and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses  of the child to help determine their appropriate  level skill.
  5. reading comprehension- understanding what is being read happens when knowing the sounds of the letters
I also love the program of Star Fall phonics.  I bought and use this program in my daycare.  Some of the program is free now that you can download and use.  It is a great program for identifying the sounds of the letters.

a-apple                     vowel sounds long                         short
b-ball                                         a-baby                          a-apple
c-cat                                          e-see                            e-elephant
d-dog                                        i-ice cream                    i-ickey
e-elephant                                o-stone                         o-otter
f-fish                                         u-you                            u-umbrella
Short vowel sounds:
short u sounds: up, us, run, fun, Umbrella
Beginning l or ending with l:  look, like, long,lips, little, call, small, will, tell, all
 Words with long vowel sounds ending with silent e: late, gave,cone,line,snake, use
Words with lone e spelled with ee:  feet, jeep
Words with long a and i with silent e:  before, gate, rake,bake, fine, bike, hide, mine, because.
Sight Words:  Write words on index cards, one word per card. the, are, us, saw, is, I where,two,one,this,you,we,there,I,for,they,here,go,or,on,no,be,tell,me,red,yes,to,then,that,see,have,small,and,an, he, she, big, had, would,their,look,so, why, with,can,has,down,who,up, you,had,did,ran,but,too. Pay attention to the child’s learning style, interests, incorporating it into the lesson plan.By putting one word per card helps to focus better on the one word at a time and in hearing the sounds.

Stories about animals:
I love this story so much and the great activity you can do with it, that I bought a giant caterpillar tunnel for the kids in their play yard.  They love it!
The Hungry Caterpillar
Nature Stories:
 We compete with video games,Tabets, fire tablets, Nubi for kids, phones, TV and computer games for outside play and reading books. If we are smart, we can add books to these tablets as games and videos inorder to show the importance too. And nature has a very valuable and unique way of helping children learn and grow.  Outside play  offers open-ended play and a chance for discovering better cognitive skills due to a natural curiosity  of insects, plants, animals, trees, wind, birds, sandbox, and mud.  Outside play encourage children’s cognitive development by strengthening their intellectual skills with planning, problem solving, sequencing, measuring, reasoning, remembering, decision making when they create their own imaginary world in outside play. And you probably thought ( send them outside! they're to active in here! just to play.} I have the play yard colorful to help inspire  Playing in the sand box or hide-and-seek that can help develop the children’s social-emotional skills of self-awareness, empathy, cooperation, relationship building, conflict resolution, and can learn to self-regulate.
Physical development occurs when children play outside developing stronger gross-motor skills and being overall in better health.  Good skills such as balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, muscle strength, perception and agility come with playing on playground, I have a First Step Clubhouse of the kids to climb and slide on,and tunnel through 
Also, some studies indicate that exposure to nature may reduce the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD).  It can improve  a child’s cognitive abilities and resistance to a negative stress. (children feel stress more often than we realize , sometimes on a daily basis)
There are many kits available for dinosaurs, rocks, minerals, weather, and energy kits.
We can use microscopes, magnifiers, binoculars, measurement cups, timers, biology charts.

  We want to teach how to be self directed, active learner, and a  creative thinker.
Our minds need to be active learners by listening, by discussing,  by mind mapping, absorbing ,acquiring, sequencing, and using visional aids, songs, and  -dance movement, and art. 
Classroom pledge: of (Ellyce’s first grade class at Edgewater)This poem inspired me when she brought it home to learn as her classroom pledge.
I will try to do my best.
I will also try to share my things.
I will help my friends
And say nice words.
I will make the most of this day.
I am ready to learn!

Self Esteem---
I am fantastic, I am the best.I have  serenity and I have peace.
I can do what I set out to do
I am ok and you are ok too.
Nature is one with us 
 Whether we see a thunderstorm or a beautiful  tree standing by the water rooted deeply to not fall.  the experience of nature is a power in every sense and all aspects too.
One can assuredly be amazed and a marvel at the intricate designs of a single leaf, or the roar of greatness and still peacefulness hearing the sound of a waterfall. Time spent in nature is time spent realizing that you don't know it all and that you never will.
The greatest place for families to relate and bond with each other is in the beauty of nature. Petty arguments and grudges fall aside in the face of nature's majesty.And the power of its thunder can bring us together in shelter of protection. The earth is meant to be enjoyed by all of us. And this includes keeping it in the pristine condition in which it was discovered. Relateing to the earth  as God made it ,we hope to bring back the bond of family and not destruction . Whether it be the white snow on a mountain, freshly fallen, or a soothing sound of a waterfall,  or a meadow of flowers as a Monet picture, or the calm, still  woods that you feel as you see the oldest tree there. Nature  we believe will build bonds with our families.
The Wind Is
The strength of it is  varied from still-to breeze, to lightly blowing, timid to strong
The wind can be a night of  terror  as in a tusumi,  or a day of horror in a twisted wind of throwing and catching as in a tornado  
Or  can  be a tickle on tip of your nose as it sweeps a breeze through the air
And can send shivers to the spine as its cold drapes and wraps  to the tip of your toes 
The  wind can capture a smell, encase a sound, and is in any place at any time.
I hope you will enjoy always reading to your children and teaching them the wisdom and wealth there is in  having the knowledge of reading.
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