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What to do during uncertain times
Welcome Autumn. We are ready.
Learn to Read
Potty Trainning
Cognitive development
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What to do during uncertain times

During these uncertain times that we have expericenced due to the pandemic Covid-19, the protests of excessforce, the riots and looting, burgerly and burning  of properties, busnessines and vehicles. Witnessing violence in the streets, that our children can watch, prehaps even seeing their parent or a relative. We as parents and grandparents come together in unison to stregthen the future of our children with truth, intergerty, with a loving and nurturing environment, teaching that all lives matter in one nation under God... teaching acceptance of people, acceptance of their differences, acceptance of ourselves as Americans living in freedom and having  free choices ,taking responsibility for our behavior and being accountable for our deeds, our actions, and our role modeling.

Welcome Autumn. We are ready.

Welcome Autumn.  We are ready.
We are now coming to an end of summer and what great fun we have had. We learned  Social Play (Achieving social play is our goal) (children interact talking and playing with each other) this past summer.We have learned  to be a  friend, to play, and to share with our friends, and to  wait our turn.  We have learned to recognize and be aware of our emotions, our impulses and urges. Impulses may  bring consequence of trouble and response is often a reward.  Even though most of the children here are two years old, We have learned new and different ideas to capture a winning  solution of self — discipline. We have learned that we are in charge of and control our own thoughts and words and by understanding, and being aware of how we would feel in  a similar situation helps us to be a better friend too.

With the different stages of play for children, the one you feel is most needed is social play,  This is structure and rule following which determines success in school. Teaching independence in one’s self  is achieving the art of discipline,  and fills the need for acceptance for one’s self and for others.  Compassion  and empathy come from role modeling, watching   others care.

Learn to Read

Learning to read best method is the phonic system -a child will learn the alphabet by site, sounds of each letter, then blends of two letters, then small words and helps young children to expand their vocabulary .  The Look-Say method is helpful where one has the child see a word or short sentence and repeat after hearing it.  This approach works best in combination to  phonics.

Potty Trainning

Potty Training:  Best Method-  Begin at two years of age and consistency and praise--lots of praise

Cognitive development

Cognitive development is the growth and change to our intellect, our mental abilities of thinking, reasoning and understanding.
Young children are atuned to relationships between actions and environment (people, objects, ).
Also, the cultural aspect of a young child plays an important role on his cognitive abilities.  And caring adults can provide the base which children can engage in behaviors that promote learning.
As parents we want to engage the child's natural curiosity which is a strong drive to learn and can process sophisticated  cognitive skills by setting their environment in a caring and welcoming atmosphere to explore and question, to problem solve, to have the opportunity to learn and know they have the most powerful mind in the universe and they will succeed to their goals.


On this 9/11/2015 morning I want to express my sadness to the lives lost at the Trade Center on 9/11/2001.  This brings to light how we don't have immunity from adversity, but we have community in love, hope, and faith.  And my thoughts and prayers are with those families today.

My Favorite Tale (tell) Spin

To Bring To Be
To be dramatic
Live out truma until it isn't
Then what?--Then Life Begins bringing peace and power of mind.  The essesence of you.


As parents of young children we want to listen to the child and embrace an environment of learning that will establish life long goals. You could say we are the compass of that path.

How To Make A Parent Smile

How to make a parent smile: Hearing their child's first word.  Seeing the first steps of their child.  Hearing their child say for the first time "I love you".  Seeing their child tie his shoes for the first time.  Hearing their child converse with their peers.  Seeing their child's good choices/life choices.  Hearing and seeing their child reflect back.  And we know God smiles too.


To my son and his lovey wife: kamsa-ham-NEE-da, thank you for your give of inspiration and for being the adorable couple that you are.
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