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I was visiting my daughter recently and I must admit I was revived with the admiration of the gift of her art abilities and the talent she has with painting and sculpturing.  She encouraged me to improve my skills.  Each brush stroke relieving a stress within us.  The idea of focusing on the painting project knowing the idea of the picture you want to create, then filling in the details of color to achieve that goal.  Something children enjoy that  will bring calmness and tranquility to them.                                                                         The ideal of harmony to your soul and the beauty of your work is depicted in art.  Having a focal point in the art frame-parallels a focal point in our daily life.  The newness of the painting, the desire to use contrast to make one object stand out from the rest of the picture is like a goal we have to want to achieve. 
   Elements as texture and color used in pleasing proportions to achieve harmony, balance, variety and unity in the painting can represent  the mood and character of the child guiding the balance in self acceptance and confidence.                                                                                                                       Our encouragement as parents is to direct attention to awareness of refinement in art that can help direct the unity that encircles values, direction, and moviation to learn life skills to the fullness life has to offer and to enjoy the journey of life as if paralleled a beautiful art painting. 
 What my daughter renewed in me that week of visiting with her is how beautiful the soul is revealed through the balance of art. A time to reflect and be encouraged,to give though to the preparation of art.  One lesson of art for children would be to make a mural of Noah's Ark placing the animals, Noah, his wife, the rainbow, the olive branch, and the ark on paper using colors to designate the areas for land, water and sky.  When they see their finished work they will have realized they worked as a team to achieve a comfortable feeling and a sense of accomplishment of reaching their goal the finished mural.  This project reflects the beauty, unity and balance in the art mural and in the relationship of the children working together in terms of problem solving and solution/cause and effect fostering learning, motivation and pride in themselves and their work.

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