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The Role of Play

Play lies at the heart of the daycare curriculum. It is a major contribution to the physical, social,, emotional, and intellectual development of children.  The development of skills and competencies is promoted largely through play.  In our compulsive society play is not as respected as  important roll because it does not seem directly productive.  The creative achievements of scientific thought involve sustained attention, imagination, and innovative ways of perceiving ad dealing with reality.  These are the characteristics of the child absorbed in play.
Play for the child is creative involving the child as a person with all his capacities.  Play is necessary for healthy development.  It helps prepare your child for adult life.  Play is the business of childhood.  The  playing child is occupied in learning to deal with the world around him.
The experiences and perspective of life are lived over again in the play of children.  This is a way to gain knowledge of the stage of development of the child and learn the needs of support.
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