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Our reaction to a child's biting will control the behavior direction it will go. Sometimes children bit out of frustration.  The best way to avoid a bit is to prevent it by shadowing the child.  You want to remember that lack of sleep, distraction, hunger can contribute as an external factor of behavior reaction.  With that said, there are eight pointers that can help prevent a child from biting.
1.  Be firm, kind, and consistent.
2.  Use clear concise and specific words the child will understand.
3.  Firmly say NO Bite (without yelling) and remove the biting child from the situation.
4.  Administer an appropriate consequence such as time-out.
5.  Lavish positive attention on the bitten toddler.
6.  Use distraction between  the children and watch their interaction closely to avoid placing them in  conflict situations.
7.  Don't bite the child back.
8.  The toddler is learning the meaning of the bite hurts, but with consistent, firm, and appropriate consequence, the biting will defuse into no biting.
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