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In our compulsive society we need to build a pattern of action

In our compulsive society of instant results, play for young children isn't always taken with a respect of sincerity, with e-books now instead of libraries, digital tablets instead of white boards and video games instead of board games.  Somehow I can't help but think that we add to the child's "I want it now" syndrome.  What we need to remember is that our children need to learn to trust and have confidence in themselves and others.  We want to build "a pattern of action" by nurturing and by imputing sensations in a favorable environment.  By creating favorable factors in our environment for learning and remembering making use of the strengths that children have CAN help develop their capabilities.  By giving support and encouragement that each child needs when he is facing the difficulties of learning, we can build the childs' learning strength by planning, observing, creating, and extending and enriching an interest of the child as he explores, discovers and builds a  sense of trust , a sense of autonomy, and a sense of initiative which is crucial to building a healthy  person.
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