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To Be In The Know

For little hands to keep busy and active in the constructive process of growth and learning is  to know intention and outcome having a vision in the sense of  goal or direction. One key aspect is to guide, to respond, to engage actively with children during their play session.  Converse with children during their activities by asking open-ended questions and challenging the child's reasoning and their imagination.  We want to encourage brainstorming and contribution of their own ideas in social problem solving.  Role playing is a great way to provide an opportunity  to experiment with decisions and behavior in a safe enviornment and finding alternatives. We build leaders at little hands daycare by teaching them to do the right thing.  They make managers by teaching them how to do things right.  We instill leadership qualities by teaching management of attention, (focus), management of meaning,(purpose), management of trust, (keeping our word and being reliable), and management of self ( being responsible for our selves in self disciple).  We won't waste our time or others when we know intention and outcome with active hands, busy hands having goals, projects,direction a sense of excellence, qualities of leadership.
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