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Welcome Autumn. We are ready.
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Welcome Autumn. We are ready.

Welcome Autumn.  We are ready.
We are now coming to an end of summer and what great fun we have had. We learned  Social Play (Achieving social play is our goal) (children interact talking and playing with each other) this past summer.We have learned  to be a  friend, to play, and to share with our friends, and to  wait our turn.  We have learned to recognize and be aware of our emotions, our impulses and urges. Impulses may  bring consequence of trouble and response is often a reward.  Even though most of the children here are two years old, We have learned new and different ideas to capture a winning  solution of self — discipline. We have learned that we are in charge of and control our own thoughts and words and by understanding, and being aware of how we would feel in  a similar situation helps us to be a better friend too.

With the different stages of play for children, the one you feel is most needed is social play,  This is structure and rule following which determines success in school. Teaching independence in one’s self  is achieving the art of discipline,  and fills the need for acceptance for one’s self and for others.  Compassion  and empathy come from role modeling, watching   others care.

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